Giving time to your soul

This year is going to be over soon. After having a cold and staying at home too long , I have realized how important it is to give yourself time. My working hours had not given me a chance to think of a time to myself. As I sat in this restaurant, I feel really happy because somehow I am free from busy hours .



We all have thoughts that keep us moving towards brightness or moving towards darkness. The good thoughts are which will make you to smile and help you to fly. These are the positive thoughts that one like to harness in their life . The big question is how we do it . It can be very easy , when someone has already learnt the positive attitude as a young child . And people who  think to solve the problem rather than make things worse , actually help the positive thoughts to grow in them. This is where a happy life will bloom. 

On the contrary, the negative attitudes grow in a person as a child the emotions or things that are too negative in life were not handled properly . They might have suppressed and not healed the way it has to be . So these thoughts will continue to disturb through out the life when every the person falls into sadness or reinforce to create negative thoughts. And when things are still not addressed , these emotions become too much to handled and create more massive disturbances to life . It always a bold thing to do is to learn any weakness and heal the wounds of past . 

For a better living life all you need is good problem solving techniques. Your thinking to change , the situation or actions of an individuals are different and forcusing on pulling one thread may not be good . We see differently and so as different angle will give various ideas . To fulfill our desires , our own thoughts may not be the best . Take sometimes out and hear some other person’s point of view to get better version of it . You will find more connection and creative ways to make your life with creative  thoughts . 

Ten reasons why I adore him! 

1) brought me chocolates 

2) taught me to smile 

3) kisses me on the forehead 

4) hold my hands when he reads

5) he brings peace and silence 

6) I sing to bring him to my attention , he knows this better .

7) I see mountains and Khalil Gibran in his eyes.

8) he sings for me 

9) he calms after getting really upset with me 

10) he cares and love me 

Technology frozen 

Well , not happy with the technology. First thing is , I spend hours designing the site and the desktop crashed . Oh ! Yes right before that the internet and my desktop was mating 😳 imagine that ! No wonder the speed was freaking slow on both. To be honest I didn’t care about it ! I gave them privacy as I was much interesting on my work . 
When the silly old computer started giving me signals when it was getting climax ! I had to disconnect the Internet😏 so any program that need the Internet to run wAs stopped and I got some speed. Then the worst happened the computer went dead just for no reason ! Today technology has got secrets so I better be careful .
Next hing was the Internet took revenge , I opened my laptop to work on an assignment . The well known google drive got stuck. The whole page got frozen . Then I heard the frozen song from back ground. Which I was playing it from YouTube and couldn’t stop . So I shut down it and used my iPhone and the battery died . Now that I am too fed up with technology and sat with my book and wrote something for the day . 
Now it’s four in the morning, I need nothing but a speedy laptop to work on . My prayer for my birthday is an MacBook 😋


I feel wordless these days. Trying to accomplish a writing and couldn’t do it . Felt stuck , bleak without ideas or imagination . At least my rumbling words someone might read and say something . 

Tried to draw with charcoal and kept incomplete . Like mist is passing through my brain and making my thoughts foggy. I tried to clear and couldn’t ! It’s dead kind of lazy or may be dying in the pit of old neurons. 

What can I do dear friends , I wanted to write so much but nothing had come to my mind. Read a book and got bored ! Not sleepy but my eyes are too tired and needed to rest but I can’t ! What’s happening to me, the words just pouring uneceaaary , no grammar , no punctuation , what the hell is happening ! 

I need to stop ,I had to stop ! 


(Maldivian youth wearing a tradition sarong called feyli , thanks to my cousin for allowing me to use his picture) 

Know that he will walk                                                

Thakuru on our pearly sand ,

With his wits steps again 

To conquer the ill of our hearts

Phoenix like you arise 

From this white sand of corals 

The brave Thakuru come along 

This time, a modern one with  shades, to our heart again