For once just forget about the psychology

It’s been a while since I have been thinking of writing something about mental health. Actually, to record and put on youtube. Yet, I just couldn’t find the liberty to do it. It stresses me to look at the bright light and then I find writing down something IS time-consuming. So, I thought of typing out something that someone might find helpful.

I was wondering if I should not dwell on the idea of mental health too much: rather look at things a little more lightly: particularly at ourselves. We surely didn’t pray to God for the stupid covid to disrupt our lives and ruin the economy or take away our loved ones. Yes, it’s a real disaster when you think about it each passing day.

Anxiety triggered in some: similar to a nightmare to some and some literary didn’t seem to worry but felt fucked up and got bored. All I wanted to say here is that we are hard-wired in A way where we react to anything. Some psychological punk has given a name and worked on a theory where these simple feelings have been interpreted in too complicated terms. Ah-ha! I am criticizing, perhaps things are too complicated to understand for the people. So, I guess it’s best to explain anything more in a simpler way. What do you say?

Try and understand how you react to your fear and how much do you worry about something. Keep in mind it’s something that you are already wired to execute, and you need to live with it for the rest of your life. It is going to be easy when you already know you are capable of controlling it. Not to forget the emotions involving in it and giving you self the freedom to doubt; it’s all part of a process when your hard-wired brain is trying to keep you safe. Would you listen to it?

 There are times you should and there are times you shouldn’t as it will make your life a bit miserable by reacting to a false alarm.

Get back on your feet and think about what you are going to say and remember you are not alone on this, there are a lot of people going through the same feeling as yours. Anxiety is not something you can treat by yourself, but it’s something you have to know and be prepared to deal with. These are fine circuits of your neurons in the brain that also helps to organize your routines and work in general; help you to do work on time and it’s more or less a blessing if you consider it. So, help yourself and identify your anxiety before it erupts and distorts your mind completely.


Maldivian Breakfast.

by:Mariyam Nuzuha Date:17 March 2021

Maldivian breakfast at home will be definitely different than how it served from a restaurant menue, but I would say today I taste this wonderfully delicious mashuni and kulhimas from Maagiri Hotel, Maldivian breakfast.

So delicious 😋

A bit of tweak to the dish is the extra healthy salad,mixture of fruits and omelette if compared to a dish from home plate. The wonderful taste of mashuni and kulhimas is what made me to write this post. On the previous occasion my taste of Maldivian breakfast would be different that I had tasted, mashuni was a bit dry to the mouth and now it tastes amazing. The juicy mixture of lime chilli, onion that goes with the coconut milk along with the tuna fish taste is a lovely taste.

Kulhimas, I have different view as the appearance of the color, the traditional kulhimas is red and its done with lonumirus. The color is brown yet the taste is not bad at all, I will say its good.

The other wonderful thing about sitting at Maagiri Hotel and having breakfast is the kind of live environment that brings when you are at this little corner curved cafe’. The icy transparent glass which give little blury images of the objects that pass by. The natural light of the sun brighten every corner of the floor. The background music is softer, that gives the customer a sense of relief and disconnect the busy environment. Who wouldn’t leave a compliment when you see the staff’s genuine smile and then greet you with their kind heart and thank us for visiting the small corner cafe’ of Maagiri Hotel. I would love to spend every second when I am free to ensure myself to be inspired, just to write one piece of good writing.  

The Virol-19

Chapter 1 – The mask men

She sat on the bed gazing at the lap top. The dim light hardly shows the key board letters. The power cut has been for an hour and the silence drew a fear in her heart. She woke up from the drift when the wailing of siren passed by her apartment. She hastens to close the sliding window in the sitting room. As she opened her room door and gasped for the air, the bitter poison hit her lungs. She started coughing out of the irritation in the throat. The concentration of the fog in the sitting room made her withdraw inside again. She felt helpless as she wheezed in and out those gases from her lungs.
Her legs trembled and anxiousness grew; her phone has no range. The worry piles up every second when she thinks of her parents. She is alone here as a journalist working for a paper. The whole Male’ city is on a lock down. And she has no news to write for the paper.
She took an incense and lit it up and kept beside the oil burner. The downloaded flute music that’s soothes her, played on the phone. She wanted to relax and release her thoughts in to the unknown mind. She lay-down in a hazy thought to the candle light at the corner as it was dancing to the silent wind that was ghosting around the room.
A shock of lightning bolt struck her spine. Interrupting every harmony, she was enveloping that moment. It was the banging on her door and she heard the breaking of the lock. She did neither shout and nor care to opened her room door. She dashed towards the candle and blew the flame off. Still she could hear a drill. Surely a robber would not be this loud and the land lord has the keys. It was almost 12 O’Clock ! She put the phone light on and took all her emergency escape bag from the bottom of the wardrobe.
It was right at the time she was able to save some time. The thudding of heavy boots came closer at the door then the noise stopped and she felt her heart racing under her chest at that peak of terrifying suspense. At the same time heavy banging on the door was fallowed by a rough command, ” Mam, please open the door. Its an order from the government “. Before she could reach the door knob, the door flung opened and she stood in front of the two men in quarantine suits. ” Mam, step out of the room please, we need to disinfect the room. It is a must and those who disobey to the protocol will be arrested without a question,” the man who stood behind the first man said.
She grabbed the phone and her cardigan and walked outside. The fog was still there to an extent. One man asked for her ID and she said that it was with the government for her extension of visa. Then he demanded to reveal the kind of work she was doing.She mentioned that she was working as an administrative officer . She felt something fishy as the lock of the door was broken. She knew she was no longer safe.

Empty mind ….

How can your mind be empty

When the thoughts has restless verge to emerge

They have no where to go except in your mind

They are caged, waiting for someone to touch

They are waiting for a stranger not to judge

Thoughts are connected to your emotions

They are attached to your devotion

How can you empty empty your minds ?

Its purpose is to trap the thoughts .

Come to Maldives

I am from here and I invite people around the world come and have coffee with me in this restaurant called Sea House. This is how a sunny Maldivian day look like. What you are seeing is Male’ the capital city and its so small actually you will not need a car . You can on gps or allow me to give a tour guide. I speak only English and Hindi for the moment .

You also can feel the sense of belonging and if you truely lookingvto book a cheaper stayet me also know but don’t forget the coffee . Drop me a line ..


Aazaadhi for me…


Just like the Sun all alone in the horizon I feel nothing lesser than him shining at us.

Some where there in our lives we feel “Aazaadhi”  moment. Our thoughts are buried in that concrete building , what will come next or how can we earn money , who is the staff that we are going to remove or hire ? Just random thoughts to fulfill the dreams forgetting the humanity. Today is such a day I have felt my soul is free from those fragments that I have just shared with you.

I am sitting here in a restaurant where I can see the boats departing on their scheduled times, birds hunting for food and construction work to build most amazing hotel in Male’ city. Then people marching on one line and tourists working on the roads right below that unfinished concrete building. The sun glare diminishing the colour of green vegetation and people relaxing under the sun smoking cigarette while they are having wonderful conversation. This is a kind of things I have missed for one and a half year but not today.

Imagine how much we have missed the world, do you think an arranged trip will give this ‘Azaadhi Moment’, I don’t quite think so! Why I am saying is that the thoughts will go back being in that crappy busy life that you are forced to choose. You may not be happy but always we know if we are our own boss  that  Azaadhi or freedom I talk about you will feel. There is an antidote for those whose lives are so connected to stressful life.

Take a deep breath and don’t think of anything but concentrate on the details around you as you walk. Feel and smell the environment; you will feel that gratitude of yourself. Learn to engage in the conversation of that really matters to you. These are simple few facts that your life will not be miserable. These are the stolen moments of Azaadhi that you can feel when you are in become a bubble after your graduation. The thoughts not to trap in the cage but to let go from the dirty games that people play in this world.


Children saying bad words…

One of the concerns of parents asking others, why my child says bad words while I didn’t show anything ?

I think living in a society we face so many challenges ,one is we cannot controle certain things like people swearing on the road. As children walk by hear them and pick up the word.

The other supring factor I saw was at the cinema parents took their children to watch spider man . Then raising middle finger and swearing were heard . Just like fairy tale a kissing seen and looking romantically to each other. These children may copy as our brain has mirror neurons . Then these children take these things to school.

Yes, school is a small community children gather for studies and other physical activities like sports are taught there. These children become more freeier than homes as the environment is surrounded by their friends of same age. They are more relaxed and apart from emotionally vulnerable children stay mostly active.

An environment like this children tend to express lot of free thoughts, they share their secrets to others . They swear to each other . For them its casual, there is no school in Maldives you cannot find this. Then the more you tried to stop them they like doing it.

According to few articles that I have read the best way was to replace the words with other words . Like ‘fish’ instead of the word they say. A word which is easier to say. I think 21st century is about time the parents be more vigilant whats happening to their chdren. What are the environments that they pick things, and you may not see you chikdren doing in at home but when their minds get free they say it. As the mind is adapted to the home environment and alert that about adults who will definitely shout at them.

Mean while parents should also consider the fact as children they are not bad , as there are rooms for improvement . They can be reformed , their brain can rewire . If we look into their future , lets not blame other children . The best is to work together to bring your child to the tough society around.

The silence is beautiful

lonely rumi

 There was once happiness and laughter among people. Then we fall into a pit that we may not come out. Someone need to scarify everything to let everything to stabilize.  That is you are the wrong doer. Then the silence is beautiful and melancholy 

I needed the silence all of a sudden
The shutting of doors that communicate
Life had hit the rock bottom
The strength absorbed by the surrounding
I don’t hear anything
When the silence spoke to me
In that beautiful darkness
Where souls fear to ponder
“Be alone with him”
Such a whimsical voice
“come sit beside me,hey girl, wake up!”
I opened my eyes to see nothing but emptiness
I can feel the whirling of the wind
Around my feet and over my body
My body merged the silence
And then I forgot about the world which I existed

~ Mary Star~

Black and white

I love black and white photography. One reason is there you can feel silent mystery. Usually , poets hide in the darkness and work their creativity . A soul like me may ponder around in the mid night . Tonight is such a night I took these pictures .