For once just forget about the psychology

It’s been a while since I have been thinking of writing something about mental health. Actually, to record and put on youtube. Yet, I just couldn’t find the liberty to do it. It stresses me to look at the bright light and then I find writing down something IS time-consuming. So, I thought of typing out something that someone might find helpful.

I was wondering if I should not dwell on the idea of mental health too much: rather look at things a little more lightly: particularly at ourselves. We surely didn’t pray to God for the stupid covid to disrupt our lives and ruin the economy or take away our loved ones. Yes, it’s a real disaster when you think about it each passing day.

Anxiety triggered in some: similar to a nightmare to some and some literary didn’t seem to worry but felt fucked up and got bored. All I wanted to say here is that we are hard-wired in A way where we react to anything. Some psychological punk has given a name and worked on a theory where these simple feelings have been interpreted in too complicated terms. Ah-ha! I am criticizing, perhaps things are too complicated to understand for the people. So, I guess it’s best to explain anything more in a simpler way. What do you say?

Try and understand how you react to your fear and how much do you worry about something. Keep in mind it’s something that you are already wired to execute, and you need to live with it for the rest of your life. It is going to be easy when you already know you are capable of controlling it. Not to forget the emotions involving in it and giving you self the freedom to doubt; it’s all part of a process when your hard-wired brain is trying to keep you safe. Would you listen to it?

 There are times you should and there are times you shouldn’t as it will make your life a bit miserable by reacting to a false alarm.

Get back on your feet and think about what you are going to say and remember you are not alone on this, there are a lot of people going through the same feeling as yours. Anxiety is not something you can treat by yourself, but it’s something you have to know and be prepared to deal with. These are fine circuits of your neurons in the brain that also helps to organize your routines and work in general; help you to do work on time and it’s more or less a blessing if you consider it. So, help yourself and identify your anxiety before it erupts and distorts your mind completely.


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