The Virol-19

Chapter 1 – The mask men

She sat on the bed gazing at the lap top. The dim light hardly shows the key board letters. The power cut has been for an hour and the silence drew a fear in her heart. She woke up from the drift when the wailing of siren passed by her apartment. She hastens to close the sliding window in the sitting room. As she opened her room door and gasped for the air, the bitter poison hit her lungs. She started coughing out of the irritation in the throat. The concentration of the fog in the sitting room made her withdraw inside again. She felt helpless as she wheezed in and out those gases from her lungs.
Her legs trembled and anxiousness grew; her phone has no range. The worry piles up every second when she thinks of her parents. She is alone here as a journalist working for a paper. The whole Male’ city is on a lock down. And she has no news to write for the paper.
She took an incense and lit it up and kept beside the oil burner. The downloaded flute music that’s soothes her, played on the phone. She wanted to relax and release her thoughts in to the unknown mind. She lay-down in a hazy thought to the candle light at the corner as it was dancing to the silent wind that was ghosting around the room.
A shock of lightning bolt struck her spine. Interrupting every harmony, she was enveloping that moment. It was the banging on her door and she heard the breaking of the lock. She did neither shout and nor care to opened her room door. She dashed towards the candle and blew the flame off. Still she could hear a drill. Surely a robber would not be this loud and the land lord has the keys. It was almost 12 O’Clock ! She put the phone light on and took all her emergency escape bag from the bottom of the wardrobe.
It was right at the time she was able to save some time. The thudding of heavy boots came closer at the door then the noise stopped and she felt her heart racing under her chest at that peak of terrifying suspense. At the same time heavy banging on the door was fallowed by a rough command, ” Mam, please open the door. Its an order from the government “. Before she could reach the door knob, the door flung opened and she stood in front of the two men in quarantine suits. ” Mam, step out of the room please, we need to disinfect the room. It is a must and those who disobey to the protocol will be arrested without a question,” the man who stood behind the first man said.
She grabbed the phone and her cardigan and walked outside. The fog was still there to an extent. One man asked for her ID and she said that it was with the government for her extension of visa. Then he demanded to reveal the kind of work she was doing.She mentioned that she was working as an administrative officer . She felt something fishy as the lock of the door was broken. She knew she was no longer safe.

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