Maldivian Breakfast.

by:Mariyam Nuzuha Date:17 March 2021

Maldivian breakfast at home will be definitely different than how it served from a restaurant menue, but I would say today I taste this wonderfully delicious mashuni and kulhimas from Maagiri Hotel, Maldivian breakfast.

So delicious 😋

A bit of tweak to the dish is the extra healthy salad,mixture of fruits and omelette if compared to a dish from home plate. The wonderful taste of mashuni and kulhimas is what made me to write this post. On the previous occasion my taste of Maldivian breakfast would be different that I had tasted, mashuni was a bit dry to the mouth and now it tastes amazing. The juicy mixture of lime chilli, onion that goes with the coconut milk along with the tuna fish taste is a lovely taste.

Kulhimas, I have different view as the appearance of the color, the traditional kulhimas is red and its done with lonumirus. The color is brown yet the taste is not bad at all, I will say its good.

The other wonderful thing about sitting at Maagiri Hotel and having breakfast is the kind of live environment that brings when you are at this little corner curved cafe’. The icy transparent glass which give little blury images of the objects that pass by. The natural light of the sun brighten every corner of the floor. The background music is softer, that gives the customer a sense of relief and disconnect the busy environment. Who wouldn’t leave a compliment when you see the staff’s genuine smile and then greet you with their kind heart and thank us for visiting the small corner cafe’ of Maagiri Hotel. I would love to spend every second when I am free to ensure myself to be inspired, just to write one piece of good writing.  


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