Meditation of Love


Dedicated to some one special who had shown me the path of pure love

Love is something no one can yet give a proper definition. I have wondered through out my life in search of answers even from the places where I have been. Love is kind and love is unconditional then again what is love? But remain allure.

But tonight I had series of thoughts about someone that I knew I am purely in love. May be the cup of coffee had given me the courage to say it. It is a feeling of comforting without any physical attraction. It inspires you without expectation and relishing each moment. Such love that I have never experienced.

I remember breaking my heart and going through the period of emotional agony. I was trying hard to get out of  the eerie feelings that plunged my life into darkness. Those were the nights and days which I may had experienced the love which has materialistic needs and no spiritual connection of both beings.

Somewhere in the heart or should I say in the brain has just registered those memories as waste of moments. It could have been one sided living being trying to full fill his needs of pleasure and my unconscious mind was compelled. I wonder now should I regret my feelings or to those mixed feelings which I couldn’t have differentiated. I was miserably attached to this amazing being on earth.

In my imagination,I have built a serene temple where my soul reach to meditate. This love has no needs but only to exist. This love  which is perfecting itself without any force with in myself. It cleanses the soul and morality in the physical world. I have many questions about what those building up facets of feelings. These are neither mystery or joy but quite natural harmony that grows inside. Its like a melody that revive inside. My gesture and mind brings out the creativity. The jealousy yet to be skilled to cope inside.

I have found to a point where my life climbing a ladder towards to the truth. The vast unknown realm of  galaxy coming towards for my help. It was just too late to realize my openness should have been with happiness not with the fear of darkness that ones I was holding. I have created this mandala with you that I don’t want to be unbraided. I would rather make this a hollow like a flute that anything to pass through. Even if that is the melody of melancholy I will sacrifice.

You build that barrier that I could be a sinner and reminded me that the world sometimes make us delusional but for me you are so real. I couldn’t pretend anymore to sing the song but I do this mildly that it will not hurt me anymore. These facts I need to remain in these words and I don’t want to come to reality. How beautiful sometimes I think? this is also such a love that one could feel deep in the heart. I am humble and kind towards you and silently loving in every moment. Let the universe embrace this and not to knock down that door. Let my body enlightened and treasure the precious feeling….. But don’t call me a name! 

You are not me
How can I tell you
I am lost in this hushed galaxy
Searching for answers
And I fear you will go
And I fear you will turn back forever
But while you are here …..
Allow me to sit next to you ….
I can just be that silent venture…….


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