Technology frozen 

Well , not happy with the technology. First thing is , I spend hours designing the site and the desktop crashed . Oh ! Yes right before that the internet and my desktop was mating 😳 imagine that ! No wonder the speed was freaking slow on both. To be honest I didn’t care about it ! I gave them privacy as I was much interesting on my work . 
When the silly old computer started giving me signals when it was getting climax ! I had to disconnect the Internet😏 so any program that need the Internet to run wAs stopped and I got some speed. Then the worst happened the computer went dead just for no reason ! Today technology has got secrets so I better be careful .
Next hing was the Internet took revenge , I opened my laptop to work on an assignment . The well known google drive got stuck. The whole page got frozen . Then I heard the frozen song from back ground. Which I was playing it from YouTube and couldn’t stop . So I shut down it and used my iPhone and the battery died . Now that I am too fed up with technology and sat with my book and wrote something for the day . 
Now it’s four in the morning, I need nothing but a speedy laptop to work on . My prayer for my birthday is an MacBook 😋

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