Breakfast at jade Bistro restaurant


A warm welcome smile from this little chef standing at the buffet. I couldn’t help it but to smile at him and take this picture. I was suprise to see the restaurant was deserted and I was the first customer to arrive. So they prepared the buffet in no second. I felt like living in a palace and like a princess sitting at table waiting my butler to serve the food.

image3 (1)

I love milk tea, the srilankan black tea added with milk packet. Mind you that in Maldives there are no cows so the preserved milk packets are used. I had wonderful tea in India with raw milk. IMG_5926

This is traditional food usually we take in the morning mashuni ( made with scrapped coconut mixed with tuna fish, chilli, lemon and ionions) . The taste of the kulhi mas ( spicy fish ) was spendid. That actuallyhad made me to take some home. I had a lovely beakfast at here and it was so peaceful to be alone.



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