Morning diary 1….


(discussing islam lesson and helping each other …

I am sitting at the tutoring area and thinking about something that might pop into my head. But there is absolutely nothing that had caught my inspiration today.

So, let me write what I did this dawn. That’s right, my sleeping capacity is over and my body asked me to awake at the dawn. Before the sun rise, I slept early because I was  tired after sitting too long and cracking my head. On top of that, my students had got unit test.

Few students had studied although some haven’t learnt and they requested to revise a bit before they go to school. There school starts at morning seven and some students will come around in the morning. Here I am waiting for them.

Oh ! before that, I walked to a cafe’ near by and bought some short eats to fill my stomach.

Right, here they come!

Students are the bliss of my life. I don’t have children on my own and these children are like my own. I love them adore them as well. Everyday they bring me new stories and infinite color to my life. Sometimes I feel like their mother and they be very quiet and respectful if I get upset on something. All these love that I have for them is the way that their parents respects me.


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