Awareness is the key to unlock anything


Recently a big wave like tragic trauma hit my family and the main cause was not being aware of things that surround us. Not being able to figure out what may come or what are the hidden strings behind it. Never calculated to our thoughts the terrible moments will strike.

After all we were just too innocent and kind. Too humble to know the government or any person that we love would attack so harshly. We never had the mind for that, we are good people and the game went on playing for quite some time. And we are not aware of them at all. The consequences are tremendously bitter than we had never imagined.

It never occurred to us that our lives will be played like a board game. Inside the wall we kept our modest life style. We don’t disturbed the neighbor or participate any unlawful activity. The community that I am brought up is Muslims, sometimes I don’t see the religious value in some parts of people that wanted to hurt us. It’s Just because we were ignorant to make things aware. We smile and we are generous, we are hopeful for others.

Right, now we are very sad though we smile. Edmond Dantès verily defined this! We need some sort of power to fight, some sort of will or people could help us. What we never given up is our God and prayers to him as we raise our hand, pleading for a better result a hopeful ending. As this is not something that we could take it too long within our body and mind.




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