The writer awakes

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It took me years of practice, to sit with someone and have a cup of hot tea. The past two days had been fixing my eyes on one writer that everyone knows. The famous author of Harry Potter, books that I haven’t read yet. However, I have heard from many people, specially my cousin whom she adores her very much.

J.K Rowling had touched my heart deeply and had awakened that longing call which I have never thought would appear again, after a dreadful accident that I had gone through. This time it’s different and I am sure of this awakening. I have asked numerous people for editing and to go through the writing, sometimes I get into troubles. The fear that I had to write is gone.

Tonight was a special night that I sat with a writer for cup of tea. I have had been practicing to have this conversation. For many years I had known writers, these kinds come and goes. But this time its totally different and alluring as I can say.

As just like the sun rise in every day, my thoughts gives a blessing new idea to my mind, to my imagination.  The sun has a meaning in my life and it always shines. I am blessed with this writer looking upon to me.

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